Help With Recent Trends In It

Back in the day when college trends more resembled pep rallies and mixers, college campuses around the country were in a different outlook. Whether it was the recent summation of the female population, the introduction of drugs to the young community, or being away from home for the first time college kids all share the same thing in common. More times than not kids in college think that they are able to live the dream being able to go out all night long, attend class, and make it through the day without being required to pass out or take a nap. In this instance the college trends shown are the same because they were 30 years ago. However, now more than ever is it important to help ensure that one achieves a good education with real life experience and internships to boot. Due to the current economic climate it is essential that students realize the true gravity of their education. One of the hardest aspects of this situation is trying to be involved in the ongoing college trends such as spring weekend, concerts, Sunday Funday 's, athletic events, bar crawls, and other social activities that involve consuming massive amounts of alcohol. Whether these students like to drink or not, over 50 per cent of all college freshmen participate in binge drinking. These college trends are inherent in nature throughout the country and pose to be problems one way or another.

You see, trends aren't just solely for fashion purposes; a macro trend is a set of data analysis about the current world as it is happening. What we can learn by studying macro trends is how fashion trends, specifically speaking, will eventually unfold and how they'll develop. My most recent examples are of 2008, when we saw a lot of grays and dark, deep purples. There was a lot going on, people were frightened and lacked the confidence we once had in the 90s. But black, black was too dark; too scary, so they settled for heather grays and the occasional deep gray. Flash Forward to now and we saw an inflow of neon! This was because consumer confidence was rising. People were spending, traveling, regaining control of their daily, normal lives. The neon colors reflected this. Color has an extremely powerful effect on mankind and creating neon as a trend was a good way to pull us out of our deep, gray depression.

On the other side of this problem with typical college trends involving a good amount of drinking kids have to let loose. Being away from home for the very first time, having an unlimited amount of freedom, and finally being the age where you're legally allowed to get a drink, people are going to get consumed with the whole drinking world. However there many other college trends that one could get in to such as athletics and throughout the academic world. It is finally up to every each and individual to decide what types of college trends they're going to participate in. This will ultimately dictate how the balance of their college career is going to play out including their chances at getting a good job after. College trends are truly changing and evolving with time, however now in the middle of a recession it may be more important for college kids to realize how much their future is riding on their performance in college. Now more than ever are employers distinguishing possible job candidates from one another by their GPA's. Of course employers have been done this for years, however it's become more apparent to them as more people are going back to school. This will increase the level of people holding college degrees. It is important to understand your objectives when attending college and figure out what you want to do in life. If you're going after a career that does not involve you needing a high GPA then you might be in a position to swing participating in all of the various college trends that there are.

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