Apple Software Update?

There are about 300 million (300, 000, 000) iPhone users in the world! All those 300 million users need to update their iTunes software, with a view to update their iOS firmware. None can update their iOS device without the help of iTunes software, everyone need to use iTunes there is no alternative solution to iTunes even if the device is a Jailbroken device.

As you can see in the above screenshot, the update center has started downloading the update for the iTunes software. It may take 5 minute or 30 minutes for the update to complete based on the speed of your internet connection.

As you can see in the above screenshot, the update center has completed downloading and installing the new updates for the iTunes software, the update center will show 'installed' on the top right.

All the 3 methods have been explained under the article, if you're not an expert or if you've got a slow internet connection updating iTunes via software update tools like FileHippo Update Checker is recommended.

You can enable the Menu bar permanently by selecting the' Show Menu Bar 'option which can be found by clicking the Menu icon on the top left corner of the iTunes software which looks just like a window.

The next thing you've got to do is find the version of iTunes you're using, although it isn't necessary in addition, you can update iTunes directly by clicking the' Check for Updates 'option you need to understand basic things about your iTunes software before proceeding to further steps.

Apple offers periodic updates for the iPod systems. The owner can hook the iPod to the computer and open the iTunes store. The iTunes store will automatically search for updates for the user's iPod. It will suggest updates as needed.

Obtaining an ipod update is a great way to have the latest software from Apple. These updates will ensure the customer's satisfaction with the iPod product as the iPod will function the best that it can. These updates vary. Some are free and some updates require a fee. It appears that the updates are worthwhile for any iPod owner to obtain.

To find the version of iTunes you're using, from the Menu bar select the' Help' sub Menu and from the drop down Menu select 'About iTunes 'option.

The FileHippo software update utility is a little tool under 500kb that can show the available update for the software installed on your computer. This tool can be used in order to update iTunes software easily without going through all the manual update procedures of the iTunes software.

What the utility does is that it scans your computer for all the installed software, sends the data to the FileHippo server, the server server replies back with a listing of the software for which updates are available. The Update Checker then opens the list of available updates in the web browser with a unique link made for you. All you got to do is click on the download button associated with the program to download the available update. All this happens with in seconds and you do not need to wait for minutes to check for updates or you do not need to check it manually.

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