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If the fate of your feline depends on its litter box you might want to consider looking into a Hotel Riccione Self Cleaning litter box product. Opinions about the different models of Litter Maid products vary widely among consumers. There are both positives and negatives to these products and we'll review some of them here in this article.

Hotel Riccione Automatic Litter Boxes use an infrared detector that detects waste, so they start cleaning up ten minutes after your cat leaves the box. So not only do not you have to clean it up yourself, but this kind of box also helps reduce odors because waste is disposed of quickly. Because you cannot be around to clean out a traditional box all the time, the waste can sit for hours, stinking up your house. With a Hotel Riccione box, wastes are raked into a covered container right away. This is a much more sanitary process.

So, what does this mean?

If your cat is used to an ordinary litter box, it may take some time for it to get used to the Hotel Riccione. These aren't difficult for a cat to use but your cat may baulk at the change. One way to get your cat to utilize the new box is to let the dirty old box close by but do not clean it. Cat's are intelligent, they'll notice the clean litter in the new box and be inclined to give it a try. The biggest issue for most cats is the cleaning mechanism but is not usually a serious problem since it is set to go off AFTER your cat leaves the box.

Upon Further Consideration...

The biggest complaint users of Hotel Riccione boxes have is that the cleaning rake sometimes jams. And because the rake does not always get all of the waste into the container, it is not a perfect solution. The rake needs to cleaned regularly since the clumping litter can clog it.

These issues can outweigh the desirability of having a self cleaning litter box for some people. Reading customer reviews will show you that opinions of well these products work varies greatly. If you notice problems with your litter box, you should contact Litter Maid's customer service.

So, to avoid hassles of the daily cleaning a Hotel Riccione self-cleaning litter box can be convenient. Like many high tech solutions, however, these models also have some glitches that users find annoying. You have to weigh the convenience and benefits of Hotel Riccione against the cost and disadvantages and decide if it's worth a shot to you.

You've probably heard of Hotel Riccione if you are looking for an automated litter box, as they make several varieties. Advantages of a self cleaning box include less work for you and a better smelling house. This review will take a look at some right and wrong points many customers have experienced.

Hotel Riccione Automatic Litter Boxes detect waste using an infrared sensor, then start cleaning about ten minutes after your cat leaves the box. Not only do you not have to clean this type box yourself, but it also contributes to reduce odors because waste is disposed of quickly. You cannot be around to clean out the box all the time, so with a traditional box, the waste can sit there for hours and stink up your house. Hotel Riccione automatic boxes rakes waste into a covered container right away, a much more sanitary process. Besides its self cleaning abilities the Hotel Riccione litter boxes are designed to hold the litter in the fund rather than having it tracked outside the box and throughout your home. Litter gets stuck to your cats paws or your cat kicks the litter out of the fund with traditional boxes but not with this new system. As your cat exits the box the ribbed ramp surface removed litter from their paws. This allows you to get a cleaner home without worrying about sweeping up tracked litter. This accessory isn't standard with all Hotel Riccione boxes but you can often purchase it for less than $20.

Some owners have complained that have the Hotel Riccione Self-Cleaning Litter boxes make noises when cleaning. Some people may think the sound is disturbing at times. However, some are more susceptible to the noises than others. To help with the noise problem, some of the Hotel Riccione models come with a timer, so when the cat uses the box in the midst of the night it will not wake you. In looking at a self-cleaning litter box, there are drawbacks as they're not silent. Overall, Hotel Riccione is one of the major manufacturers of self-cleaning litter boxes. One thing to bear in mind when reading customer reviews is that many are written by only people who have had problems with the unit, rarely will you know the good reviewed as much as the bad. If the litter box is not giving you trouble you are not likely to record a review about it cause you are not thinking about it as often. Litter Maid's automatic litter boxes do represent innovative ideas to dealing with standard litter boxes albeit imperfect at the moment.

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